Humor… Or Not

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If You Are A Snowflake of Any Gendre DO NOT Scroll Down On This Page – You WILL Be Offended

It’s simple. There are many memes that prove there are people and things that can and probably should be made fun of. There are many memes that are factual in nature, and can be funny, sad, offensive to some, and 100% truthful. There are memes that are 100% lies purporting to be “factual”. If by looking at and/or reading the meme you can’t tell if it’s a joke, sarcasm, factual, then we feel sorry for you because you are one of those wimpy, arrogant, snowflake, Socialist, neurotic, unhappy, shallow, sexually frustrated, self-centered, bullying, undereducated, self-righteous, hypocritical, damaged, gender dysphoric, race-obsessed, indoctrinated, narcissistic, and racist freaks that identify as a kitchen table, and we can’t help you.

Most of the following would probably be far above your intellect. Don’t be offended by anything (including THESE WORDS) you see on this page. Get a grip. Get a life. Loosen up and laugh. Understand that Joe Biden doesn’t/can’t understand a single one of the jokes/memes we’ll be posting, so if you’re offended, amused, or touched by one of them then you’ve got better cognitive abilities than the President does, so there is hope for you.

Note: Most of the memes are by anonymous authors unless their logo, etc. is contained in the meme. If we generate the meme, our logo will be in the meme. We take no responsibility for the memes unless our logo is on them. We take no responsibility for snowflakes of any side of the political, racial, or sexual/gender spectrums being offended as we are only posting what is already out there. Again, there will be offensive material to YOU if you continue. You’ve been warned AOC. IF you understand some of them, you’ll be triggered. Big if though.

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